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Jencarlos CD Packaging for Bullseye Music.

Jencarlos is the leading actor of Más Sabe El Diablo, the successful soap opera transmitted by Telemundo in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and by Galavision/ Televisa in Mexico. This talented 21 year old artist has become one of the most popular faces among the latino audience, originally a singer/songwriter, and now as an actor. His debut album "Búscame" was produced by the legendary Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter Rudy Perez. "Amor Quédate", the first single from the album is the feature song (written by Rudy Perez) and is simply awe-inspiring to listen to.

Design: CD Cover, Insert Foldout with Poster, Traycard, POP posters and countercards, Sellsheet, Screensaver and more. for Penny's Gang Records.

PGR is an innovative, multi-genre, faith-based independent record company with distribution through Fontana Distribution. Devoted to message-based music, the PGR label embraces all inspirational genres, from Christian to Gospel music including all musical styles from rock to rap. Artists include Alfie Silas, Bill Cody, Patrick Paegel, Rahlo, Shelley and Cal, Wanda Vaughn and the incomparable Terry Dexter.

Design: Main website, sister website, Logo enhancement and more. for GP Licensing.

The licensing industry worldwide is estimated at $187 billion. Retail sales of licensed merchandise in the U.S. and Canada in 2007 reached $71.25 billion and the licensed product market in Western Europe has been estimated to be worth in excess of $26 billion. is an inexpensive listing service that serves as a portal for small and medium sized corporations - who may not be able to afford larger licensing agencies, but are still keenly interested in gaining leads for licensing.

Design: Main website, Logo enhancement and more.

Logo/Packaging for The Dessert House

Stephanie Allen has great homemade recipes for a variety of cookies. Friends told her that she should be selling them at the local grocery store. Confident with compliments, Stephanie decided to see if she could get shelf space at the elite Gelson's markets. The marketing manager loved the cookies, but was not sold on how they were being packaged, so Stephanie came to us to design a new logo and spruce up her imaging. Stephanie's cookies are now selling very well in 18 Gelson stores across Southern California.

Design: Logo and product packaging. gets a makeover

Producer and Director, Oskar Flach needed a place to house his beautiful videowork and came to us to help him out. Smallmindsmedia.comThis very funny New York native developed his skills behind the camera as a freelance PA, 2nd and 1st AD. He has camera assisted on hundreds of commercial sets including television shows like 12th Man, Notes From the UnderBelly, Monk and several feature films including The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift, National Treasure 2, Eagle Eye and Walkout. But lately, its his producing and directing Sketchers spots that are gaining a huge response. His rendition of Sketchers' Punkrose is just a flawless piece of work.

Click here to see Oskar's new site. And, oh yeah...Chick wrote the quirky song playing on Oskar's site, "When You're Not Lookin'."

Design: Main website, Logo enhancement and more. for Brown/Barton Management.

At only 13 years old, junior high cheerleader Tay Barton has the rare ability to captivate and mesmerize a most important and desirable demographic that few can attract--the coveted preteens and early teens. Kids just go CRAZY for Tay's onstage persona and her exciting double threat as a young but highly trained dancer as well as a gifted singer who was hand picked by managers, Keith & Lisa Brown, to record the amazing new music of multiple Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter, Rudy Perez.

Design: Main website, Logo enhancement and more.

Announcing WebWizards® Pro

We found ourselves so busy with web work that we decided to expand ou services into a new division called WebWizards. This new entity is an assembly of the finest web development executives, designers, programmers, promotional managers and Internet geeks from around the world. The combined experience of our "wizards" are pooled into one service related web portal located at and are available for hire on a case-by-case basis to slay a variety of web related dragons.

From The Blog

What is an Advertising Art Director?

Various artists may create or develop specific parts of an art piece or scene; but a sole art director unifies the vision. In particular, the art director is in charge of the overall visual appearance and how it communicates visually, stimulates moods, contrasts features, and psychologically appeals to a target audience. The art director makes decisions about visual elements used, what artistic style to use, and when and where to use it., Fine Artist

Curb Records' Giant 10 foot guitar was stolen on April 20th from Curb Records in Nashville Tennessee. The guitar was hand-painted by acclaimed artist Ronell Venter of Brentwood (our client), and featured the face of country star LeAnn Rimes (and her autograph).

We thought this was an interesting story to tell on Ronell's website. Afterall, how do you steal a 10 foot high guitar and perhaps more importantly, what do you do with it?

In case you were wondering, a reward is being offered for any information leading to the return of the guitar.

Design: Portfolio website

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